Bucketlisting: Cool castles around the world that I want to go see

Abatures | Potala Palace, Tibet

Castles have always inspired great awe and imagination in people all over the world, myself included. So I decided to put together my top 10 bucket list destination for castles.

Before we get started, I want to explain the reasons each of these castles made it onto the list. I have seen a lot of lists like these put together, and almost all of them included castles that made me wonder what they were doing there. So here’s my reasoning:

1. The X-factor

This is the hardest thing to describe, but the first thing you notice when you look at the picture. It’s what sets this castle apart and makes you say, “Oooooh, I want to go there.” For me, it’s usually reserved to castles that either look a bit fairytale-ish, or that just has an overpowering sense of military prowess. It’s the castles that most closely resemble my imaginary image of a castle.

2. The surroundings

This definitely can play a big role in their X-factor, but I do consider it a separate category. The surroundings of a castle are the accent to the visual, but they also are there for a reason. I really love the idea that people really planned out the placement of a castle. They are usually placed so that they have some sort of advantage, either defensively or offensively, on anyone that might try to attack. You will notice two recurring themes for my choices; built on high mountains, or surrounded by water.

3. The destination

Finally, the third factor that affected my choice was the destination, as in which country it is located. When I am considering a bucket list pilgrimage, I think it is cooler to go to different places all over the world. Everyone knows that there are heaps of castles in Europe (a lot of my selections), but they all have very similar features. I think checking out the different styles and designs created in different cultures is cool.

I also want to point out that there was a couple things I noticed in other lists that didnt play a role in my selections, and those were the size and flashiness. What I mean by that is a lot of castles I saw were very large, or they were very fancy and beautifully decorated. That seemed to affect my selections the least. If you are looking for that specifically, you may not find it here. So lets begin…

Abatures | Eltz Castle, Germany 

10. Eltz Castle, Germany – Pretty much a cool Bavarian castle up on a hill.

Abatures | Liechtenstein Castle, Germany

9. Lichtenstein Castle, Germany – Similar to the previous and a little smaller, but this one is precariously perched on a sweet cliff.

Abatures | Guaita Fortress, Italy 

8. Rocca Guaita Fortress, San Marino – Overlooking the city on one side and a cliff face on the other.

Here’s where they start to really get cool good…

Abatures | Matsumoto Castle, Japan     

7. Matsumoto Castle, Japan – This has all the characteristics I think of when I think of old Asian castles.

Abatures | Bodiam Castle, England

6. Bodiam Castle, England – What an awesome looking stronghold. Can you imagine trying to make an assault?

Abatures | Mehrangarh Fort, India

5. Mehrangarh Fort, India – Surrounded by cliffs, this giant looks more like a prison to me. Also, it’s in India.

Abatures | Potala Palace, Tibet

4. Potala Palace, China (Tibet) – It’s not just beautiful, it’s not just grand, and it’s not just in Tibet. It’s all three. And it adds a very unique…something.

Abatures | Jal Mahal, India

3. Jal Mahal, India – Less of a castle, more of a palace, but it looks amazing just floating there.

Abatures | Le Mont Saint Michael, France

2. Mont Saint-Michel, France – A very VERY close second, this one speaks for itself. It has everything.

Abatures | Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany – This was the castle that got me started on writing this post. If you have any questions why it got number 1, just Google the images. They are breath taking.

If you found this post interesting, or found some new places to add to your bucket list then please share it so others can see it too. You can also see some of my other goals on my Lifestyle by Design page. And if you want to let me know what you think, or tell me I’m wrong, or just let me know yours, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, happy bucketlisting.

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4 Responses to “Bucketlisting: Cool castles around the world that I want to go see”

  1. Bon & Dave

    Dave and I are laying in bed looking through your site, Those castles are awesome! Both Dave and I love castles and on our bucket list as well.

    • Hey thanks. Yeah, someone sent me a cool picture of one and I kind of got carried away with looking at all the ones I want to see. Figures I would help save people some time by posting some here.

  2. PolishTourist

    I have red about another great castle with a breathtaking history! Annnndd I can’t wait when I will visit it – Niemodlin Castle (Opole).The Castle has played a significant role in the history of Opole Silesia. It was the residence of the local dukes. The walls of the castle have seen and heard a lot. And many things happened here. If you listen closely to the silence of the castle, its walls will tell you many interesting stories. To this day, people tell a legend saying that a tunnel connects the castle with the parish church. Is it true? We do not know… – that is what I found on the main website. Moreover, there are many mystical legends

  3. Thanks for
    posting, but I think you should add information about The Castle in Niemodlin,
    one of the most interesting monuments of Silesia, a star of the screen! In the
    movie “Jasminum”by Jan Jakub Kolski filmed in 2006.
    The place
    is absolutely amazing, it can’t be missed by anyone who wants to see the real
    beauty of the past. I am totally sure that this is one of the most memorable
    and fascinating historic landmarks in Poland.


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