Would you plan a trip just to go see the world’s smartest city?

Wordls smartest city featured image

I recently came across a very interesting study that rated 135 of the world’s leading cities based on their smartness. It made me think…of all the different reasons use to I choose a destination, I never consider it’s “smartness”. Well, maybe now I will… would you? First of all, let me tell you about the …[Keep Reading]

Abatures does Songkran 2014 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Songkran 2014 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Songkran 2014 was amazing!!! If you’ve never heard of it, Songkran is the Thai New Year and it’s basically a country wide water fight, the biggest in the world. I missed it my first time through Thailand so I figured it was worth a quick pop over to check it out this year. It is …[Keep Reading]

Songkran 2014 Chiang Mai, Thailand (Teaser)

Songkran 2014 Chiang Mai, Thailand Featured

Here’s a little teaser trailer I put together for our Songkran 2014 experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you dont know what Songkran is…you should. Apart from being the Thai New Year, it’s also the world’s largest water fight. Since missing out on it my last go around, I figured it was a worthwhile trip …[Keep Reading]

Bumper Sticker Wisdom in Bali

I came across a little bit of bumper sticker wisdom while roaming around the streets of Kuta in Bali, Indonesia. “Life’s better in board shorts” What a great motto, and it was definitely worth sharing. Remember that life is what YOU make of it. If yours is better in a pin-stripped three piece suit, rock …[Keep Reading]