So this is what happens when a blog post goes viral

My First Viral Blog Post Featured | Abatures

A few days ago I wrote a post that may end up being the greatest post I will ever write. It wasnt some huge inspirational story about a 3rd world entrepreneur just trying to get by. It wasnt some incredibly in depth article revealing a corrupt government policies and how we can stop them. No, …[Keep Reading]

48 hours of intense travel: I must be a masochist

For the last 48 hours of my journey, I have been traveling. And I dont mean in the sense of “I am in another country so I am traveling.” I mean, the physical act of traveling where you have all you own on your back and boy, you’re going places. I was also traveling in …[Keep Reading]

Long term travel is actually a lot easier than you think

Long term travel featured image | Abatures

Yesterday was my last day in Australia and I spent it accomplishing a long term goal with my travel buddy Jacob (he write the travel blog Cynic Abroad). We had just finished the day and I made a comment which took advantage of some bad luck he had suffered. His response opened my eyes to the real possibility of extended travels which ultimately inspired this post.

The February First Fiasco

Prologue: On February first 2014 I was in Sydney, Australia with my good friend and travel companion Jacob (He writes the hilarious but unfortunately infrequent travel blog Cynic Abroad). My brother had joined us for a short visit and we were all meant to catch our flight that day. It would be a day we …[Keep Reading]