Have you ever tried this amazing Filipino treat? If not, you’re missing out.

Filipino Halo Halo | Abatures Philippines

This is a picture of some super tasty Halo-Halo I got at a bus stop in Legazpi City, Philippines for about $0.20.

I discovered this little piece of heaven a bit late in to my trip, but as it turns out, it is actually a Filipino favorite. Apparently the name means “Hodge podge” in Tagalog (The language spoken in the Philippines), and I cant think of a better term.

Made primarily from shaved ice it makes for a perfect go-to on a hot day, and the toppings can range form all sorts of combinations but usually include of the following:

  • brown sugar
  • bananas
  • mango
  • beans
  • some sorts of jelly treats
  • cheese
  • sweet potato paste (really nice actually)
  • dried oats
  • topped with sweet milk

You can read a bit more about it at its Wiki.

Filipino Halo Halo | Abatures Philippines

I know some of the ingredients might sound a bit out there, but I will tell you what, this treat has been around for a long time, and time has proven it over and over again.

If you ever make it out to the Philippines, you GOTTA try some Halo-Halo.

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