July 2014 Update: Exciting news ahead and I’ve been slacking

We are about half way through July which means that I have been home for just over a month. In this last month I have visited my sister in Oakland, celebrated my friend’s bachelor party in South Lake Tahoe and Reno followed by his fun wedding, went camping outside of Yosemite for the 4th of July, skimboarded in Santa Cruz, and spent time as a traveler in Monterey. I also got a new client out of Capitola!

My time has been packed with some really awesome events and adventures and it’s all been a lot of fun. Living in California is great on its own, but returning to see it as a traveler makes it even better.

I get to explore all the things that I never made time to do before. I can now truly appreciate the beauty of the place where I grew up too. If you have never been to Monterey, you should. And let me know when you do go.

No more excuses!

Yes, I’ve been having a blast, but I also know that I have been slacking on the blog effort. Im sorry, but I am going to make it up to you because I have some really awesome posts coming up. Truthfully, todays post was supposed to be something totally different, but I wasnt ready to publish it yet and I didnt want to keep you waiting to hear from me any longer.

Now here’s the exciting news.

Ive been working on this new article that will show you exactly how to fly anywhere in the world for about 1/10th of what it would normally cost. No jokes, no lies, no gimmicks.

I just booked a flight from SFO to JFK for $2.50 and you will be able to do the same.

This is not like my other post where Priceline had a glitch and a lot of people benefited from it (while others, unfortunately were too late). With this method will not limit you on departure cities, destinations, or dates. Like I said, it’s not a glitch.

It’s been in the works for so long now and I keep adding to it that it has now become a 3 part article. I just have to add some finishing touches, connect a few more dots, and polish it up before I ship it out.

Heres what the 3 parts look like:

  1. An introduction to the process along with addressing some questions and concerns
  2. A detailed, step-by-step walkthrough from having nothing to having a flight booked
  3. Some more advanced tips and resources for those that want to take it further

I know I have kept the actual subject a bit vague, but that is intentional. You should be feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve and this is the BIGGEST present under the tree that just so happens to have your name on it. I promise you, the wait will be worth it.

These should be the next series of posts to come out, but I might sprinkle a couple more inspirational or gallery posts in there just to shake things up a bit. And dont worry, they are all almost done so there wont be a long wait between when one comes out and the other.

In the mean time, happy travels

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  1. You may want to fire your editor. Look at your spelling of exciting in your article. Ooops LOL


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