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Learn and save money to travel

So, by now a lot of you probably realize that I like to write about things that will make travel easier for people, for example by saving money. I also like to write about things that will help people grow. Well this week I have one that helps you do both 🙂

Student discounts

I know most of us dont really think about student discounts and travel going hand in hand. The closest connections I can come up with are student travel agencies, foreign exchange students, and those rambunctious European gap year kids…but Im not talking about any of those.

Most of my time spent traveling is out in some remote part of the world where I dont speak the language and I couldnt tell you what part of the animal my food is coming from. However, inadvertently I also spend a lot of time in cities, and cities offer a lot of great opportunities for students to save money.

Student Discounts Banner

Museums, aquariums, movie theaters, transportation, hell I’ve even seen an entire shopping center where students get some sort of discount simply by presenting a school ID card.

I cant tell you how many times I have felt like such an ass being the only guy in the group paying full price while everyone else snickers and flaunts their flashy little piece of plastic brandishing a crappy picture of them with a terrible smile and even worse haircut (no, Im being a jealous butt now). Actually, a couple times Ive even benefited from my comrades having school ID’s too. But I want my own!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Bro, Im not in school. That shiz is wack yo!

Well, you’re bWRONG! That shiz is NOT wack bro! School is RAD-TACSTIC!

But back to the point, I know that some of you, like myself, are no longer in school (if you are…good for you, but keep reading anyway). Maybe you graduated, maybe you decided to go different route, maybe you’re a super smart, prodigy child that never had to go to school. Either way, it doesnt mean that you can’t take advantage of this because I have a really simple solution: Go to school.

Im not saying that you need to take out a student loan, re-take your SAT’s, and apply to Harvard. Just enroll yourself into a local community college. They’re cheap and you can take the opportunity to learn something you’ve always wanted to. Understand physics, play a new instrument, learn a new language (although if you read my post about it, you can do that for free).

How much does it cost?

The total cost is really going to depend on where you live, what classes you take, and which school you go to. I live in California and the cost per unit is currently $46, which is depressingly WAY more expensive than when I was there. On top of that you would also have to pay the registration fees and probably some other fees.

Bottom line, you can take a 0.5 unit course (something like weight lifting), find a school with cheap registration, and be looking at a semester cost of about $200. I know that is quite worth getting a half price matinee for Spiderman, but if that is how you are looking at it then you are missing two big things.

  1. You are not paying for a discount card like a Costco membership. You are paying for an education so pick something that will return to you its own intrinsic value.
  2. A school ID card can presumably last you for 4 years, and that’s only if they print the year on it. I’ve had some that never showed any signs of date that I could probably still use today. And if you travel as much as I do, it can definitely pay itself back over and again.

So, now you’re ready to be a smarter and more economical traveler. Yay for you!!!

Graduating students stoked

Final recap

  • If you are in school, get yourself an ID card.
  • If you are not in school, find a cheap local school and enroll.
  • Pick subjects that in and of themselves will make you happy and return value.
  • Meet new people in your classes (not really a travel or discount tip, but still a good one to remember).
  • Like and share this post 😉
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2 Responses to “Learn something AND get travel discounts”

  1. San Diego offers free Continuing Education classes through the Community College districts. I took some Photoshop classes. The students were offered a student discount on Photoshop and we also received student ID cards. This was all free of cost plus I got to learn Photoshop which is helpful for my career.

    • Melodie, that is an AWESOME recommendation. Photography is a major part of my travels and I know a lot of beginners are asking me for tips when Im out shooting (not that I should be giving anyone tips. haha). Thanks for sharing.


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