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A collection of slang terms or phrases that I came across while traveling in Australia. By no means do I think it is complete, nor do I believe you will be able to fully understand everything they say after reading this. A lot of it still flies over my head, but this is a good starting point.

You may be familiar with some of these already, maybe you recognize some from their British origins, but others are just so random that I have no idea how they came about.

Anyway, enjoy.

… as – Used in conjunction with an adjective to describe something even more so: “sweet as,” “tall as,” “drunk as”

Amber liquid – Beer

Ambo – Paramedic, Ambulance Officer

Arvo – Afternoon

Avos – Avocados

Beaut – Short for beauty. Good. The best.

Beyond the Black Stump – Far from the city. The outback

Bickie – Biscuit or cookie

Bin – Trash can

Biscuit – Cookie

Bloke – A man

Bludger – Layabout. One who wants something for nothing. A person who does not work or works very little

Bogan – Australian white trash

Bonnet – Hood of a car

Bonza – Excellent

Boomer – A male kangaroo

Boot – Trunk of a car

Bottle Shop – Liquor store

Brecky – Breakfast

Brizvegas – Brisbane

Buckleys – No chance

Budgy smuggler – Speedo

Bunyip – A mythical bush spirit. Australia’s bigfoot

By crickey – An expression of surprise

Cactus – Useless or broken

Cark it – To die

Capsicum – Bell pepper

Carpark – Parking lot; Parking garage

Chemist – Drug store; Pharmacy

Chewy – Chewing gum

Chips – French fries

Chook – Chicken. Domestic fowl

Chuck a wobbly – Get very angry

Chunder – Puking or throwing-up

Cobber – A friend

Cooee – A bush call for when you are lost

Crisps – Potato chips

Cuppa – Tea or coffee

Dag – A funny person. Nerd. Goof. Loser

Daks – Trousers in Australia, but underpants in New Zealand

Dinky-di – Genuine. Truthful

Dob in – To betray or report someone to the authorities. To nominate someone for an unpleasent task

Dol – Government benefits

Drongo – Stupid person

Dry as a drovers dog – Extremely thirsty

Dunny – An outside toilet

Esky – A portable icebox (brand name)

Fair dinkum – Honestly. Really

Fair shake of the sauce bottle – A fair chance

Flat out like a lizard drinking – Lying prone. Rushed. Extremely busy

Footpath – Sidewalk

Footy – Australian rules football

G’day – Hello

G’donya – Good for you. Well done

Game as Ned Kelly – Very brave

Garbo – Garbage collector

Goodo – Yes. Alright

Goon – Cheap wine sold inside a bag and cardboard box

Grizzle – To complain

Have a gutful – Having more than enough (I’ve had a gutful of this = I’ve had enough)

Have tickets on yourself – To be conceited or full of yourself

Heaps – A common expression used to describe a lot

Hire – To rent

Hoon – A stupid or uncultivated person. Also a fast or reckless driver

Hooroo – Goodbye

Hungry Jacks – The Australian version of Burger King

Jackaroo – Man working with cattle or horses. Australian cowboy

Joey – Baby kangaroo

Jumbuck – Sheep

Jumper – Sweater

Keen – Up for; Wanting

King hit – A punch delivered without warning

Knackered – Tired

Larrikin – A carefree person

Local rag – Local newspaper

The Lucky Country – Australia

Maccas – McDonalds

Mate – Good friend. Also used to greet someone as in ‘G’day mate’

Metho – Methylated spirits

Milko – Milk home-delivery person

Morning tea – Breakfast

Muso – Musician

Ocker – The archetypal uncultivated Australian male

Pants – Underwear

Petrol – Gasoline

Pissed – Drunk

Pram – Baby stroller

Prang – Minor car accident

Prawn – Shrimp

Rack off – To go away

Ranga – Redhead

Reckon – To think or believe

Rego (pronounced “redjo”) – Vehicle registration

Relos – Family relatives or ‘relations’

Ridgy-didge – Original. Genuine

Ring/tingle – Phone someone up

Ring-in – A substitute

Rissole – A type of flattened out meatball. Flat meat patty

Road train – A truck with many sections attached

Rort – A con

Rubbish – Trash

Sangers – Sandwiches

Sauce – Ketchup

Scratchy – Lottery ticket

Seppo/Septic tank – An American (a less flattering term than Yank)

Servo – A petrol station or gas station

She’ll be apples/she’s sweet – It’ll be fine

Sheila – A girl

Shoot through – To go somewhere else

Shonky – Poor quality

Shout – To buy drinks for everyone

Shrapnel – Coins of a low denomination

Skip – A kangaroo

Slash (to take ‘a slash’ or ‘have a slash’) – To urinate

Smoko – A break from work (originally for a cigarette)

Snags – Sausages

Spunk – Attractive person (of either sex)

Stone the crows – Exclamation of astonishment

Strewth (Pronounced “sta-ruth”) – Exclamation of disbelief or shock

Stubby – A bottle of beer (330ml). A brand of shorts

Sunnies – Sunglasses

Swag – A blanket roll of light bedding

Swimmers – Swimming apparel

Ta – Thank you

Tall poppy syndrome – Criticize people who excell  significantly or publicly above others.

The ditch – Water between Australia and New Zealand

Tinnie – A can of beer. A small aluminum boat

Top drop – A good beer or wine

Ute (Pronounced “yewt”) – Open backed pick-up truck

Wag – To play truant, “wives and girlfriends” of famous people, have a chat

Walkabout – Aboriginal term meaning “to go on a wander”

Whinge – To complain

Woopwoop – Out in the middle of no where

Yakka – Hard or heavy work

Yank – American

Yobbo – A loud or stupid uncultivated person

Yonks ago – A long time ago

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