“Mutant Message Down Under” Book Review

An unfortunately unappealing title for a very awesome book.

I myself would not normally see a title like that and think, “Mmmm, now that is something I could cuddle up with at night,” but it came highly recommended by a very cute Italian girl I met while traveling through New Zealand…I said to her, “Yeah, it sounds good. Ill check it out.” I lied. But she checked in on me and I was guilted into actually finding it, acquiring it, and opening it. And I am very happy I did so.

Author: Marlo Morgan

Relative length: 200-250 pages

Related countries: Australia

What’s it about?

Without giving too much away, it’s basically a first hand account from this relatively normal lady. She had been doing some social work and was called to some award ceremony in Australia because of it, or so she thought. She was picked up at the airport by some Aborigine guy in a jeep, he drives her out to the middle of the desert, and then he and his tribe basically burn all she owns and tell her something along the lines of, “It is destiny that has brought you here and now were going on a walkabout across the continent.” She has no other choice (It’s kind of hilarious).

After that, she gives very amazing descriptions of her experience during the 3 months she spends with this tribe. The subjects span from food to healthcare to sport and activity, all of it ultimately gravitating back to their spiritual beliefs and world views. Some of the things are surprisingly insightful, refreshing, and thought-provoking, and it is presented as an account of events so it does a good job of being unbiased.

Should you read it?

Absolutely! I dont consider myself a religious person, but this book definitely had me questioning some shit about life (and not everything is spiritual either).

If you are headed to the land down under, or just want a cool, short read then I would highly recommend this book.

You can get a copy from Amazon for under $10 here. Or if you want a free PDF copy (and dont mind it being of relatively poor quality) then you should contact me and I might be able to hook you up 😉

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