Postcards: Probably the best way of staying in touch while traveling

My favorite way of keeping in touch with friends and family while I travel is definitely by mail. People rarely use mail service anymore for communication so it’s always a nice treat to see something besides bills, and having something handwritten adds a more personal touch than an email or Facebook shout out. I also …[Keep Reading]

Long term travel is actually a lot easier than you think

Long term travel featured image | Abatures

Yesterday was my last day in Australia and I spent it accomplishing a long term goal with my travel buddy Jacob (he write the travel blog Cynic Abroad). We had just finished the day and I made a comment which took advantage of some bad luck he had suffered. His response opened my eyes to the real possibility of extended travels which ultimately inspired this post.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Abatures and Cynic Abroad

Here’s a little preview from the Brisbane to Cairns road trip. Sitting down for a nice roadside Valentines Day dinner in Airlie Beach, Australia with Jacob from Cynic Abroad. He’s not exactly my number 1 choice, but I can’t really complain. Things could be worse. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day from the two of us. Check …[Keep Reading]