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A few posts back I wrote a post detailing all of my activities and expenses during one day in Bali. Surprisingly, of all my posts shared on Facebook, that post reached the largest audience. Well, there was something I left out of that post because it didn’t fit the theme; what happened AFTER the massage.

As I mentioned in that previous post, I decided to hang out at the spa for a bit after the massage to take part in some conversation. What I failed to mention in that post was what the conversation was about and with whom it took place. So I will tell you now…

I walked out of the massage room all relaxed and feeling fresh. As I sat down to finish the last of my young coconut, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation taking place between two men in the reception area. It wasn’t the subject of the conversation that really interested me (and I wasn’t trying to listen in on other peoples’ business), it was the accent I heard from one of the men that really caught my ear. He sounded American.

I waited for the next pause in the conversation then decided to interject with an unsolicited and straight-to-the-point,

“Excuse me, are you American.”

He confirmed.

“Oh, cool. Me too.”

(The other man was waiting for a massage so he took this opportunity to walk into the other room.)

I was delighted to find another American, not so much for the fellow country-man kinship (although that can be great sometimes), but because I really love helping people, and I happen to know two AWESOME travel tips specifically for Americans.

I’ve already written posts about them so if you missed them, make sure you check them out. Americans can make calls to any other American number for FREE (also some other great tips for non-Americans): Stay connected like a boss. The other post is more recent and covers some awesome travel credit and debit cards to save money while you travel: Get you plastic right.

Anyway, he was very grateful for these tips and we ended up diving deeper into conversations about travel, goals, and life in general. Some really cool stuff came up that I wanted to share with you…

His name was Tom and he was had been experiencing some problems with his job recently. So what did he do? HE QUIT!

He left his office job, escaped the rat race, bought a one way ticket, and basically left his old life behind to ride the winds of change and settle his roots in Bali for an easier life. (He even owned a house which he was preparing to sell).

I’ve ran into people like Tom in the past, and  while some people back home would see someone trying to escape, I always find these people very inspiring and brave. I dont see Tom as the kind of guy who is giving up on life in America because it is too hard or things just didnt work out. He also isnt trying to retire early and spend the rest of his days on a beach surrounded by much younger, much darker women bearing colorful drinks.

No! Tom is waking up from a superficial dreamworld and searching for the truth of a life inspired.

Tom is on the search for a HAPPIER, SIMPLER LIFE. Not simpler because money makes it simple, but simpler like living out in the country side. Simpler because there is no more bullshit to put up with and sift through. Where decisions arent muddied with all these different grey areas we’ve grown so used to. There’s just right and wrong. Plain and simple.

How can I be so sure about what Tom was out here searching for? I dont know. It’s just a feeling. Maybe I am making some huge assumptions that are completely off base, but I dont think so. We talked for well over an hour, and the same subject kept resurfacing…


Why are we here? What are we meant to do? How do we achieve happiness? These kinds of questions.

I loved it because all along my travels I find myself constantly coming back to these questions in my own mind. It was nice to find someone to share an engaging conversation with on the subject.

One of the things that Tom said that really stuck out was that everyone has a destiny, and regardless of what we want, we are constantly being pulled towards it. Just as with the pull of gravity, we may struggle against it, or we may frolic towards it, but inevitably we will succumb to your destiny. Whether we find happiness in it is entirely up to us.

It was an interesting thought, and I had to really dig into it with him because I see things differently (also, I like to argue a little bit).

As I mentioned before, Ive thought into this subject quite a lot and the way I see it, we all DO have a purpose, but we are not necessarily destined to fulfill it.

In my view, happiness is ultimately derived by walking more closely to your purpose. By LIVING our purpose.

This obviously begs the question…what is our purpose? Truthfully, I dont know. It’s different for everyone, and I am still trying to figure it out for myself.

We can only discover our purpose by listening inward to when life…or your heart…or your soul…or whatever you want to call it tells you that, “Yes, what I am doing RIGHT NOW, this is what I am meant to be doing.”

If you arent sure what your purpose is, then maybe you need to stop more often. Ask life, NOT YOURSELF, if what you are doing is right. And then listen with truly open ears. It takes practice, but with more practice you become more used to listening for it.

Some people are scared to ask these questions or think about these ideas because they dont know what they might discover, myself included. But how can we grow if we never do the things that scare us? If you want to  grow a little bit today, then take 10 minutes out of the day and simply think about this…

The question we should be asking ourselves is not “What is OUR purpose in LIFE?” The question we should be asking ourselves is, What is LIFE’S purpose for US?”

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